We come together as ONE team

Our values

Customers first – always!

We do absolutely nothing that is not directly related to improving the value we delivery to the customers. They pay our bills and our salaries – we owe it to them be the best at what we do – so they can be the best at what they do!

We pride ourselves of talking with our customers every single day. We ask, we listen and we do our best to build solutions that get used every day and create tangible bottom line impact for our customers.

Highly competitive

For those committed and skilled enough we have build an unlimited and very competitive playground for you and our colleagues to grow and evolve in.

We guarantee that everyone has a learning experience unlike any other – but be ready to realise and get told that you are probably not as good as you think “yet”.

We believe that we need to build people so that you in turn can build superb customer value.

We are NOT the same

We are an expanding but very tightly knit team of extremely different individuals, bringing all our odd idiosyncrasies with us to work.

For this we pride ourselves of a high paced but psychological safe work environment where we work as one team and NEVER EVER have any hidden agendas.

We bring a purpose driven positive mindset with us to work every day, 365 days a year – so if in doubt – just ask us. We will answer honestly and directly on any subject big and small.

Execution is everything

You bring solutions to problems, not only problems. If you propose something, you own it, don’t expect anyone else to pick it up.

We obviously don’t expect you to know everything – but we do expect you to but your efforts where your mouth is.

We will any day rather have you move fast and ship frequently instead of getting everything right from the beginning.

If you are as passionate as us – then show it – dont talk about it.

Meeting about Procurement

We’d love to meet you

Contact us anytime for anything relating to cost! If our solution can help then that’s great – but if you just need general advice and guidance on how to improve your company cost performance – contact us anyway and we will gladly support with free guidance!

(+45) 23 62 15 23