Agile Spend Analytics for SMEs

Thank you James Meads for supporting our ventures and listing us on your page. We definitely appreciate your great sparring earlier in our development.

Looking forward to our next follow up on procurement , compliance , supply chain and in general how we at CostBits do our bit to help the SMB’s manage their supplier cost.

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Podcast episode with CostBits

“Costbits is a spend analytics solution for smaller procurement teams. It aims to deliver a one truth approach, bringing real transparency to your costs and savings. Boasting a “laser focus” on actionable insights, Costbits enables visibility on cost performance, allowing you to track and monitor your costs, quantify your working capital deficit, and bring cashflow awareness to your teams. The solution also provides full employee management, with data driven tracking of KPIs and named spend accountability. It facilitates common ground between procurement staff and business owners for spend and opportunity identification, as well as impact realisation. Costbits’s visualistations have been redesigned to be action focused and easily understandable. AI and machine learning enhance cost and contract data with categories and enrichments, so you can quickly compare cost impacts across suppliers. Costbits brings procurement performance monitoring into the hands of CPOs and CFOs, so there’s no need to hire analysts.” Go to for more information


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